Keeping Your HVAC System in Good Health

Changing your furnace filter is an important part of maintenance and HVAC service. When should it be changed? Experts disagree, and much of your filter-changing timeline will depend on individual factors, but here are some signs it might be time for a change:

How to Know Your HVAC System is “Sick”

When you’re ill, your body gives you physical symptoms. Similarly, your HVAC system’s filter will give you noticeable signs that it needs attention. Here are just a few to watch for:

  • Dirt and dust – Dirty or dusty buildup on your filter is a sign that you need a fresh one.

  • Discoloration – Your filter may turn grey, brown, black, or even a green color once it begins to fill with particulate matter. Color changes are an indication of needing to be changed.

  • Extended cycling – Your HVAC system turns itself on and off as needed to achieve the desired temperature and filter your air properly. If this cycle is taking longer than usual, you probably need to change your filter.

Symptom-Free? You Still Need Regular Filter Changes

Just because your filter isn’t showing any signs of wear or distress doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be changed regularly. Neglecting to do so can cause many of these problems where they don’t already exist – and exacerbate issues you may not be able to see. Just as you need vaccinations or booster shots between sick visits to the doctor, so does your HVAC system need regular maintenance to prevent disaster.

If you’re not sure, ask your Tacoma area HVAC service professionals for advice on when to change your filter. These HVAC professionals are trained to identify your individual system’s needs and give you the best advice on when and how to change your filter for maximum efficiency. Don’t wait; call before these issues take over your system and cost you more time and money!

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