Improve Your Smile with Restorative Dentistry

When you have chipped teeth, it is easy to have the teeth restored to protect the pulp along with creating a beautiful smile. Restorative dentistry Corning NY experts can examine your teeth to make recommendations about improving your smile. One of the easiest procedures is having your metal fillings replaced with color-matching composite resins. However, if you have a larger cavity, then a dentist can order an inlay or an onlay to repair the top of the tooth, making it safer for you to chew food. This dental restoration fits precisely in the deep cavity to protect the inner components of a tooth.

Cover a Tooth with a Dental Crown

If you have a misshaped tooth toward the front of your mouth, then a dentist can improve its appearance with a veneer. This dental restoration is made from porcelain or a composite resin, and it is attached to the front of the tooth with a durable resin. A veneer can make a tooth look longer, and it can also hide damage such as discolorations. With the proper dental care, a veneer will last for many years, giving you an attractive smile that improves your self-esteem.

A Dental Crown Can Cover a Damaged Tooth

When a tooth has extensive decay, it is time to consider placing a customized dental crown over it. Restorative dentistry Corning NY experts can use your facial X-rays and molds of your mouth to make a perfect dental crown for a tooth. Before a dental crown is placed over the tooth, you may need a root canal to remove its infected pulp and roots. You are anesthetized for this procedure so that the dentist can remove the top of the tooth, and the dental crown is placed over the tooth’s shell.

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