Important Things to Know When Working With a Brain Injury Lawyer in Norwich CT

Although these tips are mainly common sense, there are a few things to do after a head injury: take safety precautions, see a physician right away, and finally, call a Brain Injury Lawyer in Norwich CT as soon as possible.

Open and Closed Head Injuries

Whether it’s a minor bump or a traumatic brain injury, some head injuries seem more complex than others. There are two kinds of head injury: open and closed. While an open head injury may appear as a lump, bump, or skull fracture, a closed head injury involves damage to the brain. Slight brain agitations are known as concussions, while more severe injuries come with tissue swelling and compression.

Remember: Safety First

It might seem obvious, but thousands of head injuries occur because people don’t take the right safety precautions. Buckle up in the car, and be sure the airbags work. If there are children in the vehicle, be sure to lock all the doors before driving. Motorcyclists should wear helmets, as should bicyclists.

Don’t Delay Seeking Medical Attention

Just because an injury doesn’t come with initial effects doesn’t mean that it isn’t serious. It’s possible to sustain an injury without knowing that it has even happened. Knowing the symptoms of a head injury, such as confusion, vision changes, speech problems, and balance issues, will help victims seek prompt attention after they’ve suffered a blow to the head.

Head Injuries Come With Lengthy Treatment Periods

Traumatic brain injuries are the most severe type of head injury, and they typically require immediate treatment. Prompt care often involves medication and surgery to treat brain swelling, and traumatic brain injuries often come with lengthy periods of speech, occupational, and physical therapy.

An Experienced Attorney Will Help

If someone has suffered a head injury, it’s in their best interest to contact a Brain Injury Lawyer in Norwich CT as quickly as possible. The lawyer will initiate the claims process and help the client get the damages they need for their pain, suffering, and loss of income. Click Here to learn more or call the offices of Stephen M. Reck to schedule a consultation.

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