Important Steps to Preventing Sick Building Syndrome in New York City

If you own a commercial building or an apartment building in New York City, you realize how important good ventilation is. Poor ventilation can cause “sick building syndrome”, which can drive out your renters and bring in the health department.

Sick building syndrome is a common problem; people in such a building will suffer from vague symptoms or even become infected with a disease. Top among the causes of sick building syndrome are the circulation of infectious disease-bearing particles, such as from feces, saliva, and vomit, throughout the building via the air ducts. In all cases, it is the result of poor cleaning and maintenance, as well as construction materials such as asbestos.

While you may not be in control of what individual residents do inside their units, you can maintain the entryway, hallways, ductwork, and the HVAC system. These areas are where residents and visitors are likely to pick up contaminants from the environment, leading to illness. Avoiding the situation in the first place will prevent the health department from interceding.

While maintaining a clean building is essential, improving air circulation can help too. Good air circulation discourages the growth of mold, and maintains a fresh, indoor environment. Roof-mounted centrifugal Pennbarry fans will work to circulate the air, as will wall-mounted centrifugal up-blast Pennbarry fans. While updating your air system can be costly, in the end, it’s worth it to prevent sick building syndrome.

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