How to Smoke a Montecristo Cigar

Mark Twain once said, “If I cannot smoke a cigar in heaven, then I shall not go.” Around the world, you will find people who swear by cigars, saying that it is the most relaxing and enjoyable part of their day. Radio talk show host, Dennis Prager, even goes ahead to say, “I am quite convinced that my cigar may well have had a positive impact on my health given how much relaxation it induces. Stress is far more dangerous than cigars are.” The stereotypes of men choosing their cigars over women does not seem unfounded when one visits online forums of men swearing by their cigars as the “the best part of my day, nothing makes me feel more like a man than my cigar”. Montecristo cigars are the largest selling Havana Cigars worldwide. Whether you are an old timer or a beginner in the world of cigars, smoking a cigar is an art worth acquiring.

Tips on Smoking a Montecristo Cigar

A culture in itself, smoking a Montecristo cigar with élan is the manliest, most relaxing activity one can undertake, if done right.

The choice is right: The intensity of the cigar is dependent on its length and diameter. For a novice smoker, therefore, a long thin cigar may be better than a short stubby one that would be too intense and make you cough. Typically, cigars are divided into categories, depending on where they are made and which tobacco leaves have been used. Montecristo cigars also come in various varieties, according to the shape and size, suiting every type of smoker’s needs. Squeeze the cigar slightly to check for lumps and do not buy if the tobacco at the end or the wrapper is even slightly discolored.

Making the cut: A sharp, single bladed cutter should be used to chop off the cap swiftly, where it meets the wrapper. Be careful not to tear the wrapper or cut too much beyond the cap or it will fall off.

Light and Smoke: Use a cigar lighter or the ammonia from the matches to light the cigar, since a cigarette lighter will spread through the cigar and alter its taste. Hold it in between your index finger and thumb. Remove the band after some time, when the glue has melted because of the heat. Do not inhale, cigars are meant for you to enjoy the taste of tobacco in your mouth.

Don’t draw on it too frequently, it can take up to an hour for you to smoke and enjoy a Montecristo cigar. Don’t smoke the last two inches of the cigar. Go ahead and join the real men who savor the taste of high quality Montecristo cigars, smoking a cigar is a lifestyle choice, a lifestyle choice of a class apart.


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