How to Quickly Clean Gutters in Indianapolis

Cleaning gutters is a tedious task. However, it has to be done at least twice a year. Cleaning the gutters will prevent clogs and damage from the elements. Follow these simple tips to give gutters a good and quick cleaning.

Be Prepared

Before cleaning Gutters in Indianapolis, make sure you’re prepared. A sturdy extendable ladder, large tarp, plastic scooper, garden hose, and a durable pair of rubber gloves will be needed. It may also be a good idea to have an additional human there for assistance.

Complete the Task

Before cleaning gutters, make sure to place a large tarp on the ground. This should be placed below the work area, and it will need to be moved while you’re working your way around the entire house. The tarp will save the lawn, plants, and flowers from gunk falling on top of them. Put the rubber gloves on and keep the large plastic scooper in a pocket. Once the ladder is placed on a leveled and firm base, make sure it is positioned correctly. It should be placed right above the eaves of the roof. This will allow for easy access to the gutters. Carefully climb the ladder. Just make sure there is a person on the ground holding the bottom of the ladder down. This will prevent slippage and potentially dangerous falls.

Once the ladder has been climbed, quickly use the plastic scooper to remove the leaves, debris, and branches that are stuck inside the gutters. Repeat this process until all the gutters have been cleaned. This means you will need to climb down and back up the ladder quite a few times in order place the ladder in the correct spots. Once the gutters have been cleaned out with the scooper, repeat the ladder moving process. However, this time bring a hose with you. Make sure it is turned on and simply use a high-pressure nozzle to wash out the gutters with the dirty water moving toward the drain outlet. Click here to get more details.

Clean Up

The gutters should now be free of debris. The final step to cleaning Gutters in Indianapolis is to clean up. In order to clean up, place the hose and ladder back in their spots. Lastly, take the debris from the tarp and throw them in a garbage bag.

Follow these tips to quickly, efficiently, and effectively clean gutters. For any questions regarding the maintenance of gutters, contact Amos Exteriors Inc.

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