How Many Different Types of Truss Displays Are There?

When you are looking to purchase a truss display, you may be unaware there are several styles of design, each with their own unique intended purpose, from which you can choose to complete the type of look you are going for. No two shows or presentations are ever intended to look the same, and in elements of design, even when there is heavy equipment and staging involved, it is always nice to have options to choose from.

With all of that in mind, it is important to understand that while there are actually a verifiable plethora of truss display designs from which to choose, it would be advisable to focus in on some of the more commonly seen options out in the real world. Four major styles will be examined here in greater detail.

What Are Some Common Types of Truss Displays?

When discussing the topic of truss displays, the four most common types you are likely to see are the box truss display, the medium duty truss display, the heavy-duty truss display, and the round truss display.

The box truss display is the most commonly used of the four. It can hold a decent amount of weight relative to its size and design, but it is used much more for ornamental purposes than for load bearing ones. The medium-duty display attempts to be a perfect middle ground between its weight holding capacity and its atheistic appeal.

The heavy duty truss is simply two medium-duty pieces stacked on top of one another, so it does manage to hold more without looking radically different than the other two pieces. The round truss is, as its name implies, in a circular shape and tends to be used less frequently, though it is arguably the most aesthetically appealing of all the styles of truss displays available for purchase.

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