How Does a Fraud Defense Attorney in Santa Clarita, CA Help Clients?

Fraud is a form of white-collar crime that involves active and intentional deception or false representation. It is a serious charge that can come with equally serious consequences, so anyone who has been arrested for fraud should find a fraud defense attorney in Santa Clarita, CA as quickly as possible. Read on to find out about what kinds of cases fraud defense attorneys take and what defendants should expect.

Essential Elements

Not all acts of deception are considered criminally fraudulent. To be convicted of fraud, a defendant must have knowingly misrepresented material facts with the active intention of defrauding someone who has reason to rely on these misrepresented facts and is injured or suffers damages as a result.

Types of Fraud

Criminal fraud can take many different forms. It can involve fraudulent insurance claims, securities claims, workers’ comp claims, welfare claims, health care claims, or credit card use, for examples. Identity theft is also a particularly egregious form of criminal fraud, as is elder abuse and senior fraud.

Possible Consequences

If a defendant is convinced of fraud, the severity of their punishment will depend largely on the details of the case. Consequences can range from paying restitution to victims to serving potentially lengthy prison terms.

Severity of Punishment

The severity of the punishment imposed by the court if a defendant is convicted can range substantially depending on some factors. These include prior convictions, who the target was, whether the defendant is currently on probation or parole, and even the attitude of the community toward criminal fraud. No matter what the particulars of the case happen to be, the best way to minimize the severity of consequences in addition to minimizing the chances of conviction is to hire a fraud defense attorney in Santa Clarita, CA who can help.

Get Help Now

Finding a lawyer doesn’t have to be impossibly difficult. Just be sure to find a law firm that has a solid reputation when it comes to representation and effective resolution of fraud. Browse our website to learn more about one local law office that can help today to get the search started right.

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