How a DUI Lawyer in Dallas TX Can Help

Driving under the influence is a serious crime. When someone is charged with this offense, his or her case is handled in criminal court. Although the accused has the right to self-representation, most defendants hire a DUI lawyer in Dallas TX or rely on a court-appointed public defender.

Get a Lawyer’s Opinion

It would be extremely difficult for someone without legal knowledge to determine the relative strengths and weaknesses of the charge. All law, including DUI, is complex. Not only that, laws change, and no two cases are the same. Getting an opinion from a lawyer can be valuable.

Most lawyers offer prospective clients a free, no-obligation consultation. However, even if the lawyer asks you to pay a small fee, it is well worth spending the money. When you speak to the lawyer, have any case documents, including the police report, readily available. Also, be prepared to ask any questions that you want answers to.

Hire a Private Lawyer

When you hire a private DUI lawyer in Dallas TX, expect him or her to represent you with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as well as in criminal court. It is far better to have the same lawyer represent you in both venues as it can lead to a better outcome.

Self-representation or relying on a public defender costs nothing. Although a private lawyer will charge you for services rendered, it can be well worth the price. When you hire a private lawyer, you are the one who decides who it will be. Lawyers that focus their attention on DUI cases have an in-depth understanding of DUI law, far more than a lawyer who rarely gets involved in this area of law. In many cases, an experienced DUI lawyer can get better results.

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