Here Are 3 Important Reasons Why Your Biz Website Should Be Careful With AI

by | May 26, 2023 | Marketing

The release of ChatGPT in late 2022 sent digital marketers and SEO experts scrambling for ways to leverage the AI-empowered language tool.

Just one problem: No one is quite sure what kind of impact AI-generated content will ultimately have on search rankings.

Thinking about dipping your toes in the AI waters? Consider these vitally important factors first:

  1. What does Google think about AI-generated content?
    As no one wants to incur a Google penalty, that question remains the big debate among digital advertising experts in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. In theory, Google could generate a system for detecting AI-generated text. That said, Google’s stance on AI has changed somewhat, according to various media reports. Remember, the search engine giant’s priority is to prevent “spammy” content, regardless of how produced.

But, as long as the content provides something of value to the user, then it shouldn’t matter how the final product was generated, at least, that’s the stance many digital marketers are taking today. Until Google makes an official announcement, though, that question will remain unanswered.

  1. The writing isn’t great
    Generally speaking, when it comes to blog posts and website content, “spammy” content is anything primarily generated for SEO purposes rather than for the user. In other words, keyword stuffing, word padding, etc. And if you look carefully at some of the content produced by AI tools like ChatGPT, that’s precisely what you get – it’s pretty easy to spot AI-generated content. Otherwise, aside from the keyword stuffing, word padding, excessive transitions, unnecessary summaries and context, the content is pretty solid – but it needs a bit of manual labor before publishing. Therefore, you can’t just copy and paste what ChatGPT spits out.
  2. Factual errors
    ChatGPT still routinely gives false information. Any fact, figure, stat, citation, or information that’s not common knowledge must be verified. Remember, too, that ChatGPT’s knowledge base only goes through September 2021.

Therefore, if you ask ChatGPT who won the Super Bowl in 2023, it will either give you a wrong answer or tell you it can’t predict the future. Hence, the need to fact-check before publishing.

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