Food Baskets in Tucson, AZ Often Feature Pecans, a Nut with a Strong Local Presence

Arizona might not be an agriculture powerhouse, but a lot more cultivation goes on within the state’s borders than many would assume. A lack of precipitation throughout the southern part of the state is offset, to a significant degree, by relatively rich soil and enough sunlight to support many types of crops.

Southern Arizona is an especially suitable place to grow tree nuts, crops that can challenging to cultivate in many other places. Some particularly notable farms in the Green Valley area to the south of Tucson produce record-setting harvests of pecans and other nuts on a regular basis.

Food Baskets in Tucson AZ that include such local products can end up being especially successful and satisfying for recipients to enjoy. As those who visit the website of a company that offers such goods will see, there are many different types and preparations of pecans that can be included.

Making the Most of an Especially Versatile Nut

The pecan is most closely identified with Georgia, and that state does produce the largest annual crops, on average. Individual farms in southern Arizona, however, regularly beat competitors farther to the east with regard to the density and quality of their output.

Food Baskets in Tucson AZ that focus on this popular nut do a great job of representing the area in a way that gift recipients will personally enjoy. Some of the types of pecans that are most often included in such packages include:

  • Plain.
  • Pecans can simply be roasted and enjoyed as-is, whether salted or not. Many fans consider this the single best way to enjoy the snack, as the unique flavor of the nut always shines through. Plain pecans can also be used in cooking, making them particularly versatile.
  • Sweet.
  • While the taste of a pecan is such that it can work well with many other flavors, preparations that include some type of sweetener are most common. Whether that means covering the nuts in a light dusting of sugar or incorporating them into brittle candy, there are many ways to enjoy sweet pecans.

A Welcome Taste of Southern Arizona

With plenty of other pecan-based products being available, such nuts often make a great addition to gift baskets given by locals. Just about anyone will appreciate receiving a package containing pecans of various kinds. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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