Features to Consider for Your Finished Basement in Glastonbury

Do you want to make your plain basement into a comfortable new room in your home? If so, consider basement finishing in Glastonbury, CT. When thinking about your new basement there are some features that help make the area all the more appealing to family and friends. Check out three examples.

Adjustable Lighting

Whether you want to use your finished basement as a home movie theater, a game room or just a quiet place to relax, excellent lighting can make all the difference. Imagine soft lighting throughout the room that can be adjusted for the activity. If you want to play a board game, you can increase the level of lighting. Alternatively, if you want to kick back for a quick nap in the afternoon, you can lower the level of the lights, so you’re lulled to sleep.

An Extra Special Touch

Think about including an extra special touch in the design when considering basement finishing in Glastonbury, CT. Maybe you’ve always wanted a bar complete with three or four stools, a sink and a little refrigerator. Or perhaps you’ve always pictured a pool table or a ping pong table in your finished basement. Think about one or two features that would make your finished basement the most popular room in your home.

Comfortable Furnishings

Having an arrangement of comfortable furniture in your finished basement can be the perfect touch. If you have an easy chair you love or a sofa that is extra cozy, then they may be perfect for the décor of your finished basement.

Lastly, taking the time to write down the features you want can ensure you include everything you want in your new space.

If you’re thinking about finishing your basement call our talented staff today at Basement Finish Pros LLC or visit us at https://basementfinishpros.com.

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