FAQs About an Auto Accident in Fort Worth

In Texas, auto accidents with injuries generate hundreds of deaths each year. DUIs are a primary cause of the accidents and lead to more severe criminal penalties. Auto insurance laws also apply to the events as well. A local attorney can help victims who were injured in an auto accident in Fort Worth right now.

Is the At-Fault Driver Identified?

Yes, law enforcement officers identify an at-fault driver when investigating the accident. The purpose of defining a liable driver is to enable victims to file a legal claim when possible. The officers complete the form in the same manner as they would if Texas wasn’t a no-fault state.

Do No-Fault Laws Stop Lawsuits?

Yes, victims cannot file a lawsuit just because they were injured in an accident. They must file a claim through their personal injury protection coverage first. The limits of their coverage must be reached due to serious injuries in order to start a legal claim. When reviewing serious injuries, victims will learn that the injuries must be permanent, cause a disability, or caused a serious loss to them such as that of a limb or organ function.

What Type of Compensation Is Provided?

If the legal claim is successful, the victim will receive compensation for all financial losses. They receive compensation for medical treatment, auto repair expenses, and tort-based awards. The laws define what types of compensation are available to the victim according to the severity of their injuries.

Are Wrongful Death Lawsuits Possible?

Yes, a wrongful death lawsuit is possible for the families of the victims. All victims who die in auto accidents undergo an autopsy to establish the exact cause of their death. If the accident injuries caused the fatality, the at-fault driver is accountable for all financial losses and could face criminal charges.

In Texas, auto accidents often lead to serious injuries and open the door for legal claims. In a no-fault state, lawsuits are prohibited unless the victim’s injuries are more complex. The applicable laws require more extensive evidence to support the claim and a clear defendant. Victims of an auto accident in Fort Worth can visit  for more info now.

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