Factors to Consider When Buying Used Golf Carts in Sun City Center

People with a certain level of disability might be interested in used golf carts in Sun City Center as a way of getting around their neighborhood or other places. Florida state laws allow these small vehicles to be used outside of golf courses under specific circumstances. The main restrictions prohibit driving the carts on highways and other higher-speed roads.

Speed Limitations

Because used golf carts in Sun City Center are designed to travel at no more than 20 miles per hour, driving them on streets with much higher speed limits is considered unsafe. That means the person is generally limited to quieter residential streets along with some public parks and campgrounds. Even crossing a highway with a golf cart is not legal in every circumstance.

Potential Modifications

Modifying a golf cart so it would travel faster is possible, but it can be unsafe in some situations. For instance, the structure of the vehicle is still the same, so turning at higher speeds could cause it to tip over. Modification for higher speeds also requires a license, registration and liability insurance because the cart is now legally considered a different type of vehicle.

Understanding the Rules

Before buying a cart to use for purposes other than golfing, the consumer should learn whether the municipality or county has specific rules regarding this vehicle. Once the cart has been purchased, the person now can get around more easily. Visiting neighbors and just spending time outside of the home is convenient with the vehicle from Leisure Products.

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