Electrical Transformer Manufacturers offer DC Chokes and Custom AC Inductors

If you need transformers for your control circuits or other applications, you can depend on the top electrical transformer manufacturers to have what you need. If they do not stock what you want, they can custom manufacture most transformer types. However, some companies also offer custom built AC inductors and DC chokes. Here is more about these services.

What is an AC Inductor?

Inductors and transformers are similar, but they serve different applications. For example, a transformer works with two coils of wire (wrapped around an iron core) close together. When you pass a current through one coil, it flows to the nearby coil. The number of turns (ampere-turns) of wire in the coils determines what kind of voltage you receive. For example, if the primary coil has 100 ampere-turns and the secondary coil has 50, you get a 50 percent reduction in voltage.

Inductors made by electrical transformer manufacturers have two terminals, and they contain coils similar to transformers. However, instead of two coils, one coil receives current which it can temporarily store (in the form of a magnetic field). Current changes affect the voltage they produce. Inductance is determined by how voltage gets affected by changing current and it is rated in Henrys (H).


In some electronic circuits, you need to separate AC from DC current. Chokes are inductors used for this purpose. They can block AC current while letting DC current pass through. Although this is an oversimplification of the processes, it gives you a general idea of their usage.

Choosing the Right Inductors and Chokes

When you need chokes or inductors for your circuits, electrical transformer manufacturers are the best source to turn to. They have years of experience in these parts and can create custom parts for your applications.

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