Early Signs You Need A MN Work Comp Attorney On Your Side

Getting hurt on the job is something that can happen to anyone in MN. While many people of work-related injuries in construction, manufacturing, and service jobs, they can also happen in offices, restaurants, child care centers, and virtually anywhere that people are working.

In MN, employers are required to provide Workers’ Compensation. This insurance program may seem like a simple way for an injured employee to get compensation for medical bills and disability payments until cleared to return to work, but it is sometimes abused by employers.

If you are an employee experiencing any of the issues below, it is essential to contact a work comp attorney as soon as possible. As there are deadlines to follow in the process, legal representation is critical to getting the settlement you are entitled to receive.

Employer Has a Reputation

Most employees have heard of a particular employer has a reputation of denying injuries occurring on the job, failing to acknowledge that injuries were reported to the designated individual in a timely manner or in firing employees who make a claim.

In any of these situations, talking to a work comp attorney and retaining the legal expert can help to avoid these problems.

The Employer is Delaying Process of the Claim

Many employers drag out or delay the claim process, leaving employees waiting for days or weeks to get their Workers’ Compensation checks. There is a strict timeline for both the employee reporting the injury, and then the insurance agency must provide the check or deny the claim.

The Employer is Demanding a Specific Doctor

In this state, as in many others, the injured employee can choose his or her own doctor. The company can suggest seeing a Minnesota Workers’ Compensation doctor, but you are entitled to opt for your own physician.

Be aware, once a medical doctor is selected, it becomes very difficult to change. If you are unsure of which doctor to use, talk to a work comp attorney before making an appointment.

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