What is Double Glazing in Guildford?

You may have heard about double glazing in Guildford but are not quite sure what all the fuss is about. Many of your neighbors have already had double glazing in Guildford done and are enjoying all the benefits of what it can offer. If you have heard the term before and heard others talking about how it has improved their life, continue reading to learn more about the subject.

It is All in the Name

Double glazing means exactly what it sounds like. Typical windows and glass doors have a single pane of glass which is inefficient when it comes to conserving energy and canceling outdoor noise. Double glazing has two pieces of glass with a space in between which is:

  • Energy efficient
  • Noise canceling

Two pieces of glass are used with a space in between which traps the air and keeps it from moving around. The air between the two panes acts as insulation. Double glazing can dampen noise from the outside and keep the elements out. Click here to know more.

Heat Transfer

The gap between the two panes acts as a heat transfer barrier. The heat stays in your home where it belongs and does not escape into the outdoors. Single pane windows can act as a conductor of heat by capturing the heat from indoors and radiating it outdoors. You wind up paying for energy that is warming the outside. According to a recent study 20% of heat is lost through improper glazing! When you consider as of 2014 a medium sized household spent about £1,115 on heating costs, you can see why it is so important to have the right windows.

The Noise Stays Outside

Another advantage of these double pane windows and doors is that the air that is trapped inside the two panes keeps the noise to a muffle! Allways Glazing Works can clear up any questions you have and provide you with great double glazing options.

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