Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in Milwaukee WI: Seek Restitution for Your Pain

Animals can be fun, loving and wonderful pets, but sometimes, accidents happen. If you’re at a friend’s house and get bitten by their dog, you may suffer significant pain, large medical bills, and the inability to work. Often, you may put off seeking legal counsel because you don’t want to upset your friend or family member. However, they were negligent and let their dog bite you, so they should pay for your medical treatments. Hiring a dog bite injury lawyer in Milwaukee, WI is ideal because they know the law and how to make it work for you.

Dog owners are required to keep their dogs away from others to prevent injuries. This is true whether it’s on the owner’s property or anywhere else. Plus, if the owner’s pet injured someone before, they might be doubly liable. Such attacks can leave emotional and physical scars; sometimes, they are life-altering. You need a lawyer to assist you with getting medical bills paid. Many times, it is nearly impossible for you to do this without legal help because you may not know how to contact the responsible party’s insurance company, or because they are being uncooperative.

The legal team at Phillips, Cymerman & Stein can help. These professionals know the law and how it can work for you. Of course, they will want to talk to you during a free consultation during which you’ll be able to tell them what happened and find out if you have a claim. Dog bites can be severe, so click here to learn more and you’ll have access to reviews, information, and contact information.

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