Do You Need a New Financial Advisor in Peachtree Corners?

If the financial consultant you are currently using does not seem to have the answers you need to your investment questions, you may want to consider switching to another financial advisor. Peachtree Corners is served by experienced advisors in the financial arena who can help you achieve your financial goals.

Your Financial Consultant Knows Less Than You Do
Some financial consultants have a title to their name, but lack the experience to support their title. If you have started to feel that you have more knowledge about your financial plans, investments, and the ability to build wealth than your current advisor, it may be time to switch.

Diminishing Relationship Between You and Your Financial Consultant
Your financial advisor may have shown intense interest in your business at the start. However, after obtaining your business and other higher paying clients, if your financial consultant is not providing you with the continual assistance and advice you need, this may indicate a problem in the business relationship with your advisor.

A reputable and effective financial consultant should have the ability to clearly explain your investments, answer any questions you have about fees, and be available for consultation after your financial plan is in place. If your advisor has stopped responding to your calls, you should probably move on.

Your Advisor is Pushing Expensive Products
If your financial consultant is trying to persuade you to purchase expensive annuities or products, this may be a warning sign. Your advisor may be more concerned about his or her commission than keeping your wealth protected.

Your Advisor Moves from One Company to Another Repeatedly
You may want to check out your financial consultant’s job history. Has your advisor jumped from one company to another on a repeated basis? If your current advisor tends to move from one brokerage firm to another, there could be issues involved that speak to money or lack of compliance.

The initial step in the investment process is to hire a qualified and experienced financial advisor. After you take this step, however, keep in touch with your advisor and request regular investment performance reports. It is smart to hold your advisor accountable by taking an active role in your financial planning and future.

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