Do You Like Granite In Your Kitchen?

To some, their kitchen is a purely functional place where they prepare food, serve it up to take to the dining room and then go back to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Things like refrigerators also live in the kitchen and, often the kitchen will double up as a laundry room. Maybe, once, this was considered the norm.

For whatever reason, this old style concept has undergone radical change; possibly because of constant exposure to “super” kitchens on TV or in the movies? Or, maybe it is simply another indicator of improvement in the American way of life? Today’s kitchen not only has to be functional, it must also be attractive. This has reached a point where the kitchen is almost the main room in the home; a room where you not only prepare the food but where you also eat it – even guests can now be entertained in the kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets and furniture are no longer basic and there are even specialist “kitchen designers”. This trend has even expanded so as to, literally, “include the kitchen sink”. For kitchen surfaces, solid stone is a good practical choice for wear and tear resistance as well as withstanding kitchen temperatures and household chemicals. Additionally, stone, such as granite, can be polished into a most attractive appearance. If your surfaces are granite, why not have your sink also made of granite?

Cost might be one reason not to but, that may not hold so true today. In the past, granite blocks had to be hewn out of quarries and then cut into manageable pieces which would then require the skills of masons to sculpture them into a required shape – a labor intensive craft that is, now, expensive. Today, technology has come to the aid of our check books; shapes (such as a granite sink) can be produced from a form of powdered granite that has been mixed with a binder and then molded or formed into almost any shape. A granite sink loving sculptured out of pure rock would be fantastic but, at what cost?

Factory made sinks from so-called “synthetic” granite are much more affordable. The range of Blanco Granite Kitchen Sinks is a good example. Marketed as SILGRANIT®, these sinks are, actually 80% pure granite with a surface as attractive and resistant as the natural rock.

® Registered Trademark of BLANCO America, Inc

Blanco Granite Kitchen Sinks are available on line from the ecommerce site of Beeson Hardware who also carry all the fittings and extras that you will need to get the best use of your granite sink.

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