Do You Have Enough High-Quality Paint Brushes in Your Inventory?

If you are a painting supplier, you’ll want to stock some of the finest paints available. However, you’ll also need a source for all the painting tools and supplies that your customers will need. It’s good to have some economically priced items in stock, but most painting professionals prefer tools like high-quality paint brushes and rollers. Here are some good reasons to make sure you have a good variety of the top painting tools on hand.

What’s the Difference?

If you look at a cheap brush and a quality-made brush, there may appear to be little differences between the two. However, when you take a closer look, you’ll notice a lot of differences. For example, some high-quality paint brushes are made with copper ferrules, hardwood handles, and polyester/nylon bristles. Some brushes are designed to resist solvents and can be used for applying many types of finishes. If you need to take care of a tough job like staining a deck, you can buy a wide brush that can be used with an extension pole.

Why Quality?

With some cheap brushes, you are better off throwing them away after the job. However, the best brushes can be used many times, and this makes them an affordable investment. Yet, longevity is only one of many reasons to choose high-quality paint brushes.

The top brushes have special inserts and ferrules that hold the bristles firmly in place. A cheap brush may lose bristles while you are painting. This can be very frustrating and can ruin a good paint job.

Cheap grade bristles can be a major problem when you paint. For example, the paint may not go on smoothly, and you’ll see streaks and gaps in the paint finish. High-quality paint brushes do a great job and are ergonomically designed to be easier on your hands.

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