Details About Orthodontic Treatment In Tulsa, OK

In Oklahoma, adults and teens visit the orthodontist to correct their dental alignment. The specialists provide a variety of devices to correct the smile and improve the bite. The severity of the alignment determines what style of braces is most suitable for the patient. A local dental professional explains Orthodontic Treatment in Tulsa OK.

What Happens During a Typical Exam?

A typical exam starts with full x-rays of the patient’s teeth. The orthodontist might take photographs of the patient’s teeth, too. Next, the dentist completes a full exam and creates a mold of the patient’s teeth. The orthodontist explains to the patient if braces are necessary to correct their alignment.

What are Spacers?

Spacers are similar to braces and are used to close in gaps between the teeth. The brackets and wires are connected just like traditional braces, but the devices are used on the affected teeth only. The metal spacers are used to apply pressure on the teeth and move them closer together.

Getting Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are either metal or ceramic. The orthodontist cements the brackets to the front side of each tooth. Next, the wires are applied and connected to each bracket. The patient wears the traditional braces for up to two years.

Choosing traditional braces might impose some dietary restrictions. For example, the patient cannot chew gum after the braces are installed. Some foods could stick to the braces and cause some issues, too.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign braces aren’t installed permanently, and the patient can remove the braces when eating or brushing and flossing their teeth. The orthodontist provides a new set of braces every six weeks or as the patient progresses to the next stage of alignment correction. Invisalign braces are more suitable for patients with mild to moderate alignment issues.

In Oklahoma, visiting the orthodontist gives patients new hope when managing an alignment issue. The dental professionals explain how braces work and what style is best for the patient. The options include traditional metal or ceramic and Invisalign braces. Patients who want to schedule Orthodontic Treatment in Tulsa OK are encouraged to contact a dental professional or Click here for more details now.

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