You deserve the best pool repair in Orange County – Resurface Swimming Pool Orange CA

The Best Pool Repair in Orange County

Looking for a swimming pool contractor in Orange County, CA? Alan Smith Pools boasts a knowledgeable team of experts with over 35 years of industry experience. Let the experts resurface your swimming pool in Orange County, CA! If you have problems with your pool, whether it’s patching a section of defective pool plaster, fixing some broken tiles, or replacing some separating mastic, they can handle both small jobs and larger repair work.

Pool Plaster Repair, Replastering, and Much More!

One of the most common repairs customers need to be done is swimming pool replastering. Often the right course of action is simply to replaster your swimming pool, especially if you are tired of the faded, stained, rough, and peeling surface on your pool or spa. However, sometimes simple repairs to the plaster in your pool are the best decision to make. To limit leaking, a very dense layer of plaster is applied to the interior of concrete pools. Companies such as Alan Smith Pools near you highly discourage trying to plaster your pool by yourself. It can be disastrous if there are any missteps.

Choose From Their Selection of High-Quality Surface Finishes

Commercial and residential pool resurfacing and refinishing professionals from Alan Smith Pools work hard to resurface your pool and give you the service and attention you deserve. If you’re interested in concrete pool resurfacing, the Alan Smith team would welcome the opportunity to visit your home and personally discuss your pool replastering project in detail. Choose from their selection of high-quality gemstone pool surface finishes like white plaster or quartz, colored plaster or quartz, or their newest offerings – micro fusion and radiant fusion. Just give them a call!

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