Choosing Between Storage Facilities in East Haven

People need to use storage facilities for different reasons. These reasons will determine which facility they will choose. Some will need storage for their recreational vehicles and boats while others need storage for the overflow of household items they may have. How do people go about choosing between Storage Facilities in East Haven?

What is Being Stored?

The items being stored are important when deciding on the facility. This is the case because it weighs on the type of facility or unit needed. If lawn equipment is being stored, it may not matter if the unit has climate control and extra surveillance cameras. This type of storage facility will be less expensive than a more upscale facility that has extra bells and whistles.

Climate Controlled

A climate-controlled facility is good to use for those people who are storing antiques and things that could be impacted by the weather. Some furniture wood may warp in moist conditions or in too much heat. A unit with climate control keeps the temperatures moderate to prevent any damage to fragile items. Climate-controlled storage facilities are great places to keep antique furniture.


Security comes in different forms when it comes to storage places. Some may use a lock code to get in the gate. This is in addition to the locks placed on the doors of each individual unit. Some units will use electronic swipe cards to access the unit. Security is also provided at many facilities by surveillance cameras. These cameras will record activity from different places in the facility and show on the main screen to be monitored.

Size of Unit

The size of the unit is important based on how many things are being stored. For example, if one only has a few pieces of furniture to be stored, they can opt for a unit the size of a walk-in closet. This size is a 5 x 10 unit. For more items, they will need to get a larger unit.

There are many storage facilities to choose from, so it is critical to explore the options available. The office staff at the facility should be able to answer the questions you may have regarding a specific unit or building. For more information on Storage Facilities in East Haven, visit You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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