Can A Lawyer Help When Claiming Veterans Benefits?

Anything to do with the law is complex for laypeople, if your claim for VA disability benefits was denied you can improve your chances of success at the appeal stage by working closely with lawyers for veterans disability claims. Knowledgeable lawyers can build a very strong claim, debate errors that have been made by the VA and potentially speed up the processing of a claim.

The VA publishes a great deal of information including data that shows that disability lawyers can improve the chances of having a denial of benefits overturned. The numbers speak for themselves; of all those that did appeal their denial of benefits in 2011, 36 percent of those that did not hire a lawyer failed with their appeal, the number was half that for those that were represented.

Of course, no two cases are exactly the same; some cases can be helped by lawyers for veteran disability claims than others. There are very good reasons why lawyers can help.

They know the law:

The laws, rules and regulations that apply to the VA are complex. Statistics show that the complexity is such that even the VA has problems understanding them and applying them correctly. Depending on whom you ask; the in-house error rate varies from a low of 14 percent to a high of almost 40 percent. As the laws and rules change frequently, lawyers for veterans disability claims must take continuing education to maintain their accreditation.

Build a winning case:

Experienced lawyers are very adept at taking any and all available evidence and using it to build a strong case which meets the expectations and the requirements set by the VA. If your initial claim was denied due to insufficient evidence, your lawyers can help to prove that there is a direct connection between your condition and your years of service in the military.

If your claim for disability benefits was denied you should hire lawyers for veterans disability claims for your appeal. For a free evaluation of your case you are invited to contact Jackson & MacNichol, Attorneys at Law.

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