What Should You Do with Your Broken or Damage Jewelry?

Damaged jewelry can make you feel like you’ve lost out on something very special. Maybe you have seen a wedding or engagement ring damaged or broken, or a family heirloom destroyed. Regardless of how it happened, when jewelry is irreparable, you may be left with loose stones or scrap precious metals that you’re not sure what to do with.

Here are some solutions to that problem, as well as what to do moving forward:

How to Get Rid of Broken Jewelry

The problem with damaged jewelry is that you can’t sell it. Can you?

Actually, yes! There are professional jewelry buyers who are willing to buy loose diamonds, scrap precious metals, damaged or broken precious stones, and much more. These buyers often use these pieces to create new jewelry or melt down precious metals for reuse somewhere else.

The biggest benefit of selling to one of these buyers is that you are guaranteed to get a fair price for your jewelry pieces. You are also contributing to the ethical reuse of resources by offering used jewelry to be used for making new pieces. In these ways, your smart sale makes a big difference with just one little action.

What to Do After Your Sale

After you’ve let someone buy loose diamonds or scrap precious metals you may have on hand, you are free to use the money you get in exchange to buy something else. If the broken jewelry was no longer of sentimental value, you might want to use that money to treat yourself to something nice. If it was an important piece, you and the person who gave it to you – a friend, family member, or your dearest love – may decide to use the proceeds of the loose stone and metal’s sale to buy something new, better, and just as precious to you. Either way, there’s no use crying over broken jewelry – especially when you can sell it for a gain!

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