Born To Sell – The Greatest Job In The World

“Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect.”

This is a popular quote from W. Clement Stone, the famous businessman, philanthropist, and author.

In simple terms, selling is indeed the most-fulfilling job you can ever find in this mechanized, competitive world. It is one profession which helps you exercise your potentials to the fullest, giving you ample scope to learn more from your daily course of work. If you find out that you are doing good as a sales executive (be it direct or indirect) it simply shows that you have the talent to influence people (your customers, of course) and make them believe that your products and services are not only good, but the very best in the market. End of the day, when you come back from work, complete your dinner and go to bed, you are still full of energy. It’s because you know that you are so good in your work, you can do it all throughout the day, without even taking a break!

If you are familiar with the chain of activities in the commercial world, you must know that selling is the last step in a business transaction where a buyer exchanges his funds for a seller’s products or services. And now, think about yourself as a sales executive. Oh, yes! You are the one who closes the business deal for your organization. You are the one who establishes direct and personal relationships with the customers. And of course, you are the one, who acts as the eyes and ears of your enterprise in the market.

Now, you might think…”can I fit as a sales professional? Isn’t it going to be too challenging for me?”

Yes, it’s challenging. But, what about the sweet taste of success? If you are working as a sales professional, your skills, knowledge, and capabilities in modulating public opinion is displayed in full flow. Won’t your seniors and managers notice this? Yes, they would, for sure. And, you are definitely going to be appreciated and also rewarded for your good work. This would only give you more energy to work harder and harder to earn more appreciation.

Finally, working as a sales professional, you are able to shoulder more responsibilities and pave the way towards an all-round growth for your career. So, if you think you are born to sell – the greatest job in the world is waiting for you!


Are you born to sell? The greatest job in the world awaits every aspiring youngster. However, if you are aiming to become a proficient sales expert, you must opt for professional sales training from reputed institutions such as The Sales Coaching Institute!


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