Before Petrochem Field Services Arrives

If you need to do repairs in the oil field, it is important to hire the right petrochem field services company. However, it is just as essential to make sure the service company understands the issues involved. By informing them of the specifics, you are reducing the risk of errors occurring before the job even starts


Before the company appears, make sure they have all the facts they need to make the job a successful one. Be sure to provide them with all the particulars about the project. This may include, but not be limited to:

• Dimensional drawings
• Photographs
• Schematics
• Scope of the work required
• Component composition, e.g. specific materials of the frame, etc.
• Location of the items requiring repair or replacement
• Clearances and distances in relation to other equipment on site

Throughout the project, make sure everyone understands his or her role in ensuring the repair or replacement work goes smoothly. This means knowing about the condition of your equipment before the work.

Be sure the petrochem field services crew knows exactly what your company expects including the start and finish time. Carefully and explicitly spell out the specifics of the job as well as the impacts it should have on both your employees and the field services crew. You must also know whether the millwrights hired to repair also reassemble the entire equipment

Prior to Arrival

Whenever possible, try to reduce the proposed downtime. If the equipment in question requires dismantling before the millwrights start work, why wait? Have your company’s mechanics tear it down in advance. This can reduce the amount of stand around time for everyone.

Petrochem Field Services

Before you hire a petrochem field services company, make sure you provide exact information. You also need to know what they work they specifically do and make adjustments accordingly. From start to finish, clear and precise communications provide the bedrock for a solid working relationship and low downtime.

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