Basics To Know About Workers Comp Settlements In MN

There is a lot of misinformation about workers’comp settlements and benefits possible for any type of claim. Workers’ comp attorneys should meet with clients in an initial, free consultation in MN to outline the possible benefits and settlement options based on the individual facts of the case.

What Is Covered?

It is important to keep in mind that all workers’ comp cases are settled based on a specific formula. This is not the same as an award through the court where issues such as pain and suffering may be compensated. In workers’ comp settlements, the coverage provided in workers’ comp includes:

• Medical bills and costs – this includes for treatment, transportation to and from appointments, ongoing medical services, rehab and for medical equipment required as a result of the injury or illness.

• Lost wages – these settlements include lost income for time during recovery and rehab

• Permanent injury compensation – workers with permanent disability receive compensation based on the permanent inability to work or to continue working in the same job.

• Retraining –when injuries or illness prevent an employee from returning to the same job, workers’ comp settlements include funds for retraining costs.

• Survivor’s Benefits – in the event of a death on the job, the settlement for death benefits is provided to the surviving spouse or dependents.

Important Considerations

The funds from settlements may be paid in a lump sum, or they can be paid through a monthly or otherwise stated structured payment plan. There is a maximum amount that worker’s comp in MN pays on these types of settlements, and it is based on a formula.

Accepting a settlement from the insurance company prevents the employee from pursuing any further actions against the employer to collect on the same injury or illness. It is important to understand these issues before accepting a settlement, which is why having an attorney working on your case is highly recommended.

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