Bail Bonds in Canton, Texas: An Alternative to Cash Bail

Bail bonds in Canton, Texas provide a way for defendants to stay free before trial. This is an alternative for defendants who cannot afford to pay cash bail to the court or prefer not to tie up a large amount of money for several months. The surety bond, essentially, is a promise to attend all scheduled court hearings and the trial.

The Booking Process

Before bail is assigned, the defendant is taken into custody and the booking process is completed. The defendant is photographed and fingerprinted, and all necessary information is obtained by the intake staff. Personal information, like physical characteristics and date of birth, are recorded. At least one phone call can be made so a family member can start the process of arranging for a bail bond. Afterward, the defendant is taken to a holding cell.

The Bail Hearing

A fee must be paid to the bail bond agency in return for their service. That fee is a percentage of the cash bail. In some cases, bail is set so high that the defendant cannot even afford the percentage fee. Every defendant has the right to a bail hearing where they may petition the judge to lower the amount. If the judge agrees, that will make the bond affordable, and the person will be released from jail.

Seeking Help

Each year, a large number of people seek help from agencies offering bail bonds in Canton, Texas because they cannot pay cash bail. Cash bail is refunded when the case ends, but not everyone has several thousand dollars in savings to hand over to the court. Some do have the money but would rather use it to pay a private defense lawyer.

Concluding Thoughts

When someone is arrested and booked by police, one of the first things they think about is how to get out of jail. The concept of being considered innocent until proven guilty is immensely frustrating when a person who has not been convicted is locked behind bars. Assistance is available from an agency like A to Z Bail Bonds. Visit us any day of the week at any time.

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