Baby Shower Keepsakes Make a Valuable Favor

Most people are familiar with the baby shower favors they receive at most showers, especially candy. However, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for the same old type of favor everyone else is giving out. Instead, you can provide baby shower keepsakes that will allow your guests to take them home and enjoy them for many years, even after your baby is born. These keepsakes offer greater value to your guests, which they will appreciate immensely.

Picture Frames

Small picture frames are always a great option when you want to give your guests something they can really remember the day by. When you are using one of these picture frames for a baby shower favor, you can put a piece of paper inside the frame that promises a picture of the new baby once he or she is born. Or perhaps you can place an ultrasound picture or a picture of the pregnant mother inside so everyone can have a picture of the baby right away. When your guests take these picture frames home, they will be proud to display it in a prominent position in their homes, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new baby.


Another great option when you are choosing baby shower keepsakes to give out as shower favors is figurines. There are a wide variety of baby-themed figurines from which you can choose. When you know what the theme of the shower will be, you can find a figurine that offers the baby theme, as well as the theme of the shower to help your guests remember the special day. If you can find more than one that fits in with the theme, you can choose to offer a variety so everyone can choose the one they like best. Some of these figures may also serve other purposes, such as an egg timer for the kitchen.

When you are looking for the right shower favors your guests will really appreciate, you may wish to choose personalized baby shower keepsakes. Choosing something that is a keepsake, such as a picture frame or figurine, your guests will be able to make use of their favors, even after the shower is over. When you provide your guests with something they can actually use in their homes, they will be more likely to remember the event of the baby shower for much longer.


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