Assessing Liabilities with a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in Spokane, WA

In Washington, dog attack laws address liabilities associated with public safety issues. They define the responsibilities of the pet owner associated with the prevention of bites and attacks. Under these laws, all victims have the right to file a legal claim. A dog bite injury lawyer in Spokane, WA prepares these claims for the victims.

When a Strict Liability Is Present

A strict liability arises when the dog was involved in previous attacks and the owner didn’t take appropriate measures. The strict liability ruling initiates an immediate liability for the pet owner, deeming them responsible for all associated costs. In addition to paying the victim’s medical expenses, the judge forces them to provide an award for pain and suffering. Select counties may take possession of the animal and render them a danger to the public.

Documentation of the Injuries

The victim’s injuries are documented in their medical records, which are often used to present the case. Their doctor testifies to explain how the injuries occurred and elaborated on the required treatment to repair the injuries. Victims that sustain life-altering injuries may acquire a larger settlement based on what they lost in the attack. This includes loss of limb, disfigurement, and permanent disabilities.

Assessing the Financial Losses of the Victim

The financial loss of the victim is defined by their total medical costs and any lost wages. Injuries that prevent them from supporting themselves financially present a more significant loss. These losses are addressed when the settlement is issued.

Quarantine Requirements After an Attack

Any dog that isn’t properly vaccinated requires quarantine. Medical doctors report the attack to animal control when the victim seeks treatment. The quarantine period lasts up to twelve days. A vet uses this period to determine if the dog shows signs of rabies.

In Washington, dog attacks are a matter of public safe as well as a premise’s liability. Victims of these circumstances are protected under state laws that apply to both circumstances. Victims who were injured due to a pet owner’s failure should contact a dog bite injury lawyer in Spokane, WA, or visit us today.

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