Air Conditioning Service in Atlanta – For different types of ACs

Having a humid subtropical climate, summer heat can make life quite uncomfortable in Atlanta, Georgia without air conditioners. Fortunately, there is no dearth of good air conditioning service providers in Atlanta who are known and respected for their expertise in installation, repair and maintenance of all types of HVAC systems.

Although all air conditioners work in the same principle and basically have the same components, they come in several different types depending upon the area to be cooled. There are window air conditioners for single rooms and split air conditioners for larger rooms and halls. For entire homes and buildings, there are packaged air conditions and central air conditioning systems. Basically, the larger the area to be cooled down, the more elaborate the system becomes, with separate unit, air ducts embedded in walls.

The air conditioners you will see jutting out of the backside of most homes in Atlanta and elsewhere are window air conditioners. These are compact box type machines have all the components packed together. The major components are evaporator, condenser, compressor, expansion valves and cooling fan. All these components work together to draw the warm air from the room, cool it down to the specified temperature and blow it back into the room. Because window air conditioners are low power systems, they are good only for single small rooms.

Split air conditioners are used to cool down larger room and halls. As the name suggests, the machine is split into two parts – an indoor part and an outdoor part. The indoor part is usually seen fixed to one of the walls just below the ceiling. It contains the evaporator, condenser and cooling fan. It draws the warm air from the room, cools it down and blows the cold air back into the room. The outdoor part is invisible to most people because it is placed unobtrusively somewhere in the backyard of the house. It contains the compressor and expansion valve. This part expels the heat generated during the process to the outdoor.

Packaged air conditioners are for two or more rooms and larger halls. They come in several different configurations. The basic configuration includes a central unit placed in one room and small units in each room connected by ducts. One set of ducts draw in the warm air, convey it to the central unit where it is cooled down. Another set of ducts convey the cool air back to the room.

Central air conditioning is for large buildings, offices, theaters, auditoriums, gyms, conference halls and factories. It usually consists of one big central unit with the compressor and expansion valve at a central location and smaller units containing the evaporator and cooling fan in each room. The unit in each room draws the warm air from the room, cools it down and blows it back into the room. The heat generated by all the room units is sent to the central unit which expels it to the outdoor.

The above are the four basic types of air conditioner for different areas. Air conditioning service providers in Atlanta offer installation, repair and maintenance of all types of air conditioners at very reasonable prices.

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