A Few Things To Know About Teeth Extractions

A dental extraction is a procedure performed by a dentist or an oral surgeon, the procedure involves removing a tooth from its socket in the jaw bone. Often a tooth is repaired with a filling or crown however, when the damage or decay is such that these or other similar procedures will not work the dentist will extract the offending tooth or teeth.

There are reasons other than decay or trauma for undergoing dental extractions in Chicago. If there are one or more teeth that are stopping other teeth from growing properly or if the patient is being fitted for orthodontic braces the dentist can opt to extract teeth which allow room for the movement of teeth that are being adjusted.

Perhaps the most common reason for dental extractions in Chicago is the development of wisdom teeth. Often, wisdom teeth are removed right after or just prior to their appearance at the back of the mouth. Wisdom teeth often become impacted which causes significant pain for the patient. It may be that other teeth are blocking the growth of the wisdom tooth causing undesirable pain and swelling; in cases like this the teeth will be removed.

Dental extractions in Chicago can basically be put into two categories; simple and surgical. For the dentist to perform a simple extraction he or she must be able to see the tooth. The dentist will usually inject a local anesthesia in the area surrounding the tooth to be extracted. Using forceps and other dental tools the tooth is loosened and eventually pulled from its socket.

A surgical extraction is altogether different; this procedure is carried out by an oral surgeon and is necessary when the tooth is not visible in the mouth. This is the case when the tooth has been broken off below the gum line or has not yet cut through the gum. Most patients who are about to go through a surgical extraction of a tooth will be administered a conscious sedative which helps to eliminate the natural anxiety associated with procedures of this nature.

Immediately after the tooth has been removed the patient will bite down on a gauze wad for about 30 minutes, this pressure causes the blood to clot in the socket. It usually takes a couple of weeks to fully heal and recover after dental extractions in Chicago, during this period of time the patient is asked not to smoke, use a straw or spit as it can cause bleeding and delay the healing process.

Dental extractions in Chicago are often necessary if the tooth is broken or wisdom teeth are erupting. You are welcome to call Dr. Peter Tomaselli at Chicago Smile Design.

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