5 Times to Call a Pro for Garage Door in Washington PA

From gears to cables and everything else, a garage door’s moving parts all have a purpose and a place. However, many homeowners are unsure which repairs require expert help. Below is a list of reasons to call for professional Garage Door Repair in Washington PA.

Spring Replacement

Garage door springs have cycle ratings, with a cycle defined as the number of times the door is raised and lowered. A spring’s expected lifespan is roughly 10,000 cycles, which adds up to five to ten years. Over time, garage door springs wear out and eventually snap. When this occurs, the door may raise partially before going back down, as the opener struggles to lift its weight. Handling these springs without the proper tools and knowledge carries a significant risk of injury and property damage. Therefore, the homeowner should call a garage door repair professional.

Section Replacement

Most section replacements are brought about by self-inflicted or weather-related damage. Some common examples are hail damage, rust, dents and vehicle impacts. While these can be costly, hiring a professional is worthwhile in terms of safety and workmanship.

Cable Replacement

Over the years, individual cable wire strands can fray and snap. Spring manipulation is necessary for proper cable replacement, and as mentioned above, spring-related Garage Door Repair in Washington PA should be left to the professionals.

Opener Gear Kit Replacement

Weather can be very tough on garage doors and door openers. When it’s cold, the mechanism may run roughly, putting additional stress on gears. The stress can cause gear wear and spinning, which can cause the opener to run but not lift the door. If the gear isn’t promptly replaced, the opener could be damaged beyond repair. Save time and money by hiring a pro for a gear kit replacement.

Circuit Board Swaps

In most instances, power surges cause issues with garage door opener circuit boards. While these can’t be prevented, a surge protector can help. It takes tremendous attention to detail to replace a circuit board, and if it’s not done properly, it can ruin the entire opener. To be safe, call a garage door repair expert.

While garage doors typically work for years without trouble, problems sometimes occur. If any of the above parts are not functioning properly, the homeowner should seek help from a garage door pro such as Citywide Garage Door Co. Inc.

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