4 Things You Should Not Do with Your Museum Wall Text

Galleries and museums offer a number of ways to display messages and inform their visitors. In fact, some of the most popular methods include museum wall text which stands out from the exhibits and attracts attention. However, you can go too far with this technology and it is possible to make mistakes which can cost you in the long run. Here are four of the most common mistakes you should avoid when you design your text.

1. Complexity

Do not try to say a lot or provide too much information in one area or display. It is best to keep each message relatively simple with your museum wall text. If you want to include more detailed info it should be in the exhibit. Remember to keep things as short and sweet as possible. If your exhibit speaks for itself, you will not need to use a lot of words.

2. Big Words

Never assume everyone visiting your facility is familiar with art or other aspects of your exhibits. Use simpler words to get your meaning across but not too simple. There is no need to “dumb down” your text. If you do this, you may insult the intelligence of your readers.

3. Biography Info

Be careful with biography information in your museum wall text displays. People may find this boring unless you include exciting or interesting details or facts.

4. Hurry Up and Finish

When you are designing museum wall text, do not get in a big hurry. Take the time to consult with others and test out your ideas. Sometimes you can fall in love with your own creation and you are blinded to its downsides. The best exhibits and text displays are usually a collaboration of several minds working together in harmony.

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