Types of Faucets in Monroe NY

Recent years have seen an improvement in the style and design of faucets. In addition to their functionality, the newer models of faucets can also complement the decor of the space where they are installed. They can be used to set the style of the kitchen space and can be used as its focal point.

Due to the wide array of styles and design in the market, it may be difficult for individuals and homeowners to choose the right kind of faucets. The following are the different kinds of kitchen Faucets in Monroe NY.

Pull out Spray Faucets

These kinds of kitchen faucets are built for functionality. To operate it, the faucet head is pulled from its body while the water flow pattern is controlled using a button. This is very convenient and helps in the easy cleaning of the sink’s perimeter. These kinds of faucets have just two holes with a design that is optimized for functionality.

Single Handle Faucets

These kinds of faucets have a streamlined look that allows for easy water flow. The temperature can be adjusted with just one hand and are designed in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Some models also come with side sprays.

Two Handle Kitchen Faucets

This kind of faucets has precise adjustment controls for water flow and temperature. It can be installed in period-style or traditional kitchens and usually comes with three or four holes. Some two handle faucets come with side sprays.

Wall Mounted Faucets

The controls of this kind of faucets are installed on the wall above or beside the sink. They require special plumbing installation for water supply and should be installed during a remodeling or renovation project. These kinds of faucets are ideal for antique style homes.

Water Filtration Faucets

Homeowners who want to obtain filtered water directly from the sink should opt for this kind of faucets. They are a cost-effective option for dispensing recently filtered cold water directly from the tap. Most models are available as standard kitchen installations while some come with a detached lever for the filtered water.

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