Tips for Better Garden Illumination

Not that long ago, modern outdoor illumination didn’t exist. In fact, there was little one could do except use candles or torches. However, lighting has advanced a great deal in the past century and thanks to technology like LED garden lighting products, you have so many options it’s sometimes confusing. To help you with this decision, here are tips for getting the most from your outdoor lights.

Make a Plan

It’s best to plan out your lighting and decide on areas of interest. This gives you the chance to highlight or accent the most important features of your landscape. For example, you may wish to accent trees, ponds, walkways, and water features like pools and fountains. You can find exceptional LED garden lighting products specifically designed for these features. For instance, pathway lights that focus down give you better lit walkways. Some flood lights are perfect for trees and plants.

Creating the Atmosphere You Want

Lights give you benefits in the evening that you don’t have in the daytime. By changing light intensity, angle, and color, you can create a certain ambiance. When you want to highlight the ground, use lights that face the ground. For illuminating high structures like trees, consider floodlights mounted at ground level and shining up.

The Benefits of LED Garden Lighting

When you choose a low voltage light system, you enjoy many advantages over standard 120-volt incandescent light. First, installation is easier and safer. You only need to install a transformer for your power source and run low voltage wires to each light. Low voltage light kits are not difficult to install, and it’s a simple task to hide the wiring.

You get more for your money when you choose LED garden lighting products. They use far less energy than standard light bulbs, and you can go for several years without changing bulbs because LED bulbs have long lives.

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