Dental Bridges – The Best Solution for Teeth Gaps

Teeth gaps are among the dental problems taken for granted by most people. If not corrected soon, gaps will grow wider and become more obvious. Dental bridges are the best solution for teeth gaps. Each bridge set consists of 2 abutment teeth with a false tooth or teeth in between. The abutment teeth can be your natural teeth if a dental professional confirms they are healthy enough. The great option with bridges is it can be supported by either implants or your natural teeth. You can have quality dental bridges in Thornhill ON prepared for you by a dental laboratory.

Procedure for Receiving a Dental Bridge
Once a dental professional has confirmed you qualify for a dental bridge the 2 abutment teeth will be prepared on your first visit. You can expect a portion of your teeth’s enamel to be removed as your teeth will need to be reshaped to make room for the crowns that will set on top of them. Impressions of your teeth will be done in order for a dental laboratory to customize your dental bridge and crowns for you. While those are being made, you will have a temporary bridge to keep your teeth and gums from being exposed.

Dental Bridges Is the Best Choice
There are many reasons why dental bridges are the best choice. A bridge helps retain the beauty of your smile. By having a dental bridge you are able to eat what you want and not be restricted. Most people do not realize when they lose multiple teeth it affects the appearance of their face, such as having sunken cheeks. However, when you have a dental bridge procedure done it will restore your facial structure and you are able to show off that beautiful smile. Missing teeth can make you have low self-esteem, but when you receive a dental bridge you will regain your confidence back!

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