Five Reasons To Have Your Dryer Vents Cleaned

All appliances require routine maintenance. Whether it is dusting the coils behind the refrigerator, descaling the coffee maker, or disinfecting the garbage disposal, there is work to be done. Your dryer is no exception the the rule. Here at Service Medix, we want you to understand the safety hazard a dryer vent can be. After reading these five reasons, you’ll be calling us to come for some dryer vent cleaning at your Queens home!

Five Reasons to Keep a Clean Dryer Vent

1. Clothes that won’t dry. When you have lint and dust built up inside your dryer vent, it prevents it from doing its job which is ventilation. Your clothes will keep tumbling, but they won’t get dry when the vent is clogged. Having your dryer vents cleaned will give the air a clear passageway out of the dryer allowing your laundry to dry as it should.

2. Lingering odors. All that warm trapped air can give your dryer a bit of a musty smell. Not exactly the kind of smell you want your clean clothes to have. Plus, if the vent is clogged enough, the humidity from the wet clothes can cause mold to grow in the vents which can be detrimental to your health.

3. Making it hot in here. If you have ever stood next to your dryer while it is running, then you probably know about how warm it can feel. When the dryer vent is clogged, it is going t
2. Lingering odors. All that warm trapped air can givo emit a whole lot more heat because that hot air is trapped. This extra heat could pose a bit of a problem during the summer months when you are already struggling to keep your house cool.

4. Higher utility bills. When your clothes don’t dry due to a clogged vent, you’ll have to run them longer than you normally wasting energy on extra dry cycles. Not to mention having to crank up the air conditioner to combat the problem in reason number 3! All that extra drying and air conditioning will lead to higher energy bills each month.

5. Risk of a house fire. Finally, we get to the absolute worst outcome of having a clogged dryer vent, a house fire. All that lint inside the dryer vent burns very easily. In fact, many people use it to start campfires. Having a dryer vent full of that flammable lint is a real hazard that could have devastating consequences.

Are you ready to call Service Medix now? We can have technicians out and completing your dryer vent cleaning in Queens, all it takes is a phone call 866-612-9971.

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