Should I Get a New Air Conditioning System This Year?

Home maintenance and upkeep requires that you replace equipment now and then. Is this the year that you will invest in a new air conditioning system Port St. Lucie? If any of the following applies in your case, it does make sense to call a contractor and get a quote.

Lots of Repairs Last Year

Over the last couple of years, the current unit has needed more repairs. In fact, there were several last year that cost quite a bit of money. Do you want to run the risk of having the system break down during the upcoming summer? Since you know from experience that parts sometimes have to be shipped in and it may take a couple of days, going with a new unit before the weather gets hotter is worth considering.

More Hot Spots in the House

Even with the repairs, the temperature indoors is not always comfortable. There are areas of the home that used to be easy to cool. Now they are warmer than other areas. You know the problem isn’t insulation or some other construction issue. That leaves the AC unit. It wouldn’t hurt to find out what a new air conditioning system Port St. Lucie would cost and how it would get rid of those hot spots.

The Current Unit is Older Than You Realize

The current system was in the home when you bought it. Thinking back, you’ve been in the home for almost two decades. That’s a long time for any unit to keep working. Since you’re not completely sure when the previous owner installed the unit, now is a good time to think about purchasing and installing a new air conditioning system Port St. Lucie. The one you have is living on borrowed time.

Call a professional and arrange for a system inspection. Listen carefully to the results, including any issues that need attention before summer arrives. Compare the cost of those repairs to buying a new system. If there’s not much difference, opting for a new air conditioning system is definitely the way to go.

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