Swedish Dishcloths Are Environmentally Friendly

Every dishcloth has a humble beginning. The Swedish dishcloth is no exception. In 1949, a Swedish man came up with a new way to make fibers out of natural material. These fibers were used to make a Swedish dishcloth.

This humble, unassuming dishcloth is a marvel in the kitchen. Once you use one, you will never go back to sponges again.

Durable and Strong

The Swedish dishcloth is made of 30% cotton and 70% cellulose which makes it extremely durable and strong. The Swedish dishcloth is far more absorbent than the cotton ones. They can easily absorb 15 times their weight in liquid.

They easily wipe up spills and splashes leaving the surface dry and smudge-free. Swedish dishcloths can be washed over and over again at a high temperature and will last for many months, maintaining its original color and brightness. They can be boiled or microwaved when damp and line dried. Some people even place them in the top rack of the dishwasher to be cleaned.


In Scandinavia, it is uncommon for people to use disposable paper towels. Reusable dishcloths were very common. Since the new dishcloths were made of all natural fibers making it compostable, Scandinavians warmly adopted the use of the dishcloths. The new dishcloths were a huge hit with people and fit right in with their motto of “reuse and recycle”.

One Swedish dishcloth does the work of 17 rolls of paper towels saving the landfills of paper products.

You can clean using a Swedish dishcloth with just soap and water or a cleanser. They are soft on one side and scrubby on the other.

Thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world have used Swedish dishcloths for generations. So if you have never tried one, why not discover the secrets of the best dishcloth in the world. You will not be disappointed and will never want to use anything else!

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