Experience Convenience and Ease of Use Using Your Terms and Odds

The blockchain is changing everything, and online soccer betting is no exception. For years now, there have been barriers in place that prevent people from wagering on sports. All that’s changing now; a new startup is providing an alternative solution.

P2P Offers a Powerful Solution

Traditional online betting requires access to a centralized bookmaker. That’s no longer needed thanks to Zensport’s solution that utilizes a P2P network and the blockchain. For global customers outside of the U.S., the system is as easy as installing an app and funding your account.

Bet on Games From 26 Global Sports Leagues

There are plenty of games to wager on since Zensports provides online soccer betting for 26 sports leagues around the world. There’s no chance you’ll miss out on any of the action when you wish to put your money behind your favorite team.

Configure Your Bets Quickly

The benefit of using a P2P network is that you can quickly configure your wagers.

Once other peers on the network see your bet, they can decide to accept it. The rest of the process is fully-automated, making it easy to collect winnings.

Experience Convenience and Ease of Use

Zensports system is convenient because it enables users to manage all their funds, transactions, and bets in one central location. That reduces the overhead and makes it more accessible to place bets on your terms.

Bettors love the fact they create bets with their terms and odds, and then other marketplace members may accept the wagers. The process is simple, fun, and exciting.

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