Buying The Best Quality Frac Tank Fittings In Texas

As an oilfield supplier or a manufacturer of parts, components, equipment, and systems used in the oil fields of Texas, quality parts are an important aspect to creating a top name for your business in the industry. Taking the time to buy only the best parts ensures that your customers or the end-users of your products have a positive experience.

One of the challenges of working in the oil fields in West Texas is the isolation of many of the rigs. In these cases, and even with drilling setups close to the bigger cities in the area, operating without downtime is always the goal for everyone working on the rig. Providing the best quality parts for repairs and upgrades is the best way to grow your customer base as well as your brand.

Frac Tanks and Frac Tank Fittings

With the increased use of fracturing or facing in the state, there is an increased demand for frac tanks and frac tank fittings that are durable, reliable, and practical to use. Depending on the specific application, these tanks can be used for the containment of any type of liquid, including water or mud.

These large tanks can hold anywhere from 10,000 to 21,000 gallons with standard sized tanks. The frac tanks use specialized frac tank fittings to connect multiple tanks or to connect pipes to the tanks for the transport of the liquid stored in the tank.

The most common types of fittings used on these types of tanks are hammer unions. These are designed to be easy to install and include two threaded ends and a threaded nut that circles the middle. To tighten the union, the large, heavy nut is hammered into place, squeezing an O-ring to create a leak-proof seal between the mud tanks.

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