3 Simple Signs That You Need to Replace Those Old Windows With New Ones

You’ve owned the home almost long enough to settle the mortgage. During that time, you’ve never replaced the windows. Do you really need to think about replacement windows in Cabot, AR? If any of the following applies to you, the answer is yes.

Those Single Pane Windows Are Costing Money Every Month

Your older windows hail from the days when single pane glass was the most common solution. The fact is that those windows do not provide the energy efficiency found with today’s double pane window designs. In fact, there’s a good chance that sticking with the older windows is costing you money every month in the form of higher utility bills.

By replacing them now, you’ll enjoy lower utility costs that go a long way toward offsetting the cost of the new windows. You’ll also find that it’s easier to stand near a window without dealing with drafts or glass that’s cold to the touch.

You’re Tired of Fighting to Raise and Lower Sashes

Windows that stick are irritating at best. They can also cause you to strain a little too much and hurt your back or shoulders. On the other side of the coin, nothing is quite as infuriating as a window sash that refuses to stay up when you want to let some fresh air into the home. Getting rid of these window problems, you can invest in windows replacement.

Then There’s the Security Angle

Have you thought about how those older windows impact the home’s security? The fact is the single pane glass is easy to break. By contrast, the reinforced double pane glass resists shattering. That means intruders will have to work harder to get inside. It also means that law enforcement officers have a better chance of getting to the home and catching the intruder in the act.

The bottom line is that those older windows need to go. Talk with a contractor today and discuss the features that the new replacement windows in Cabot, AR, should provide. Once they are installed, you’ll begin enjoying the benefits immediately and see why this home improvement is such a great choice.

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