Beneficial Features of Cloud Computing Security Solutions

According to a survey conducted by, a leading IT data collection organization, out of a group of top 200 cloud computing professionals, 43 per cent were confident that their cloud computing security could not be breached. If you are looking for cloud computing security solutions, you should ensure that the things mentioned below be a part of the offered features.

Cloud Computing Security Solutions: Must haves

Effective against all known attacks: Needless to say, that the selected package should have the capability to guard your system against all sorts of attacks. This would range from malware, phishing to MTM attacks. Also the system should be able to detect the bugs already present in the data and eliminate them without any kind of loss to the saved information.

Upgradable: Always look for Cloud Computing Security Solutions that are upgradable. While it may not seem to be wise going for the latest version, it is advisable because the malignant forces trying to breach security keep on updating and upgrading themselves. An old database or out of date security solution may get exposed to such attacks and lead to hacking and piracy of data.

Easy to maintain: In spite of being technologically advanced and upto date, the selected software/ offering from all Cloud Computing Security Solutions should be easy to maintain. It should not require an army of technicians and engineers to maintain it. The process of maintenance should be simple and Over the Air. This will result in savings on capital investment and time as well.

Compatible with existing systems: It should also be kept in mind that the selected solution amongst all potential Cloud Computing Security Solutions is compatible with the existing systems that an organization has. Installation and implementation of a security solution should not lead to major changes in existing systems and high investments in terms of hardware.

Compatible with third party applications: Most of the businesses work with third party applications and customized patches built over vanilla solutions. Search for a Cloud Computing Security Solution that can be clubbed or layered on the existing third party applications.
Excellent Customer Support: Lastly, only choose for packages which offer prompt customer support. A Do-it-Yourself solution may not work for every business, especially in the crucial matters related to data security.

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