An Auto Accident Lawyers in Stuart FL Will Offer the Legal Advice You Need

If you’ve been injured due to an automobile accident, contact an auto accident lawyer in Stuart FL today. It is not recommended that an individual represents themselves against an insurance company. The insurance company will have a series of questions they will ask an injured party within a short time after an accident, some of which may not be appropriate. In addition, they will make every attempt to obtain information about the victim to use against them in settlement proceedings or during a trial to obtain a settlement. An injured person should take the time to heal from the emotional and physical trauma they’ve suffered and let the lawyer respond to the insurance company.

Every state has a set of laws regarding personal injury, and Stuart FL is no different. Although someone believes they’re not at fault for any of the accident, they could be found partially at fault. This is known as the modified comparative fault rule. This rule can eliminate the amount of money an individual may receive depending on the evidence of the case. Although a victim may be awarded $10,000, if they are 40% at fault for the accident, they would only receive $6,000 of a settlement. This is why it’s so important to contact an auto accident lawyers in Stuart FL.

Another area of the law that is different from many other states is damage caps. Stuart has placed a cap on non-economic damages for cases of medical malpractice. Non-economic damages include the pain and suffering in a medical malpractice claim. Loss of wages and medical bills are not capped by the Stuart law. If the claim for an injury is against the government, the claim must be filed with the Attorney General of the state.

Personal injury cases can take many twists and turns in order to achieve a fair settlement from an insurance company. The legal information and guidance from a knowledgeable personal injury attorney will give a victim the opportunity to make a sound legal decision. Before speaking with an insurance company for any type of personal injury claim, you can receive a free consultation with a lawyer by visiting. Visit Slinkman, Slinkman, & Wynne for more details.

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