What to Know For Your First Wine Tasting

As you prepare to head out to your first vineyard trip in Texas, you might be wondering what you can expect on the journey. If the vineyard has a winery attached, the most exciting thing you can do is experience a wine tasting. Before you head off on your trip, we have some tips that will ensure you have the best experience possible.

Visit Early in the Day

While this may apply mostly to weekends, arriving early in the day gives you the best chance of talking with the people who work at the winery. This is a fantastic way to get input on any questions you might have and learn more about the business itself. Wineries are often the busiest on the weekends which means the employees may have more work to do. This is especially relevant if you are visiting a small vineyard in Texas.

Make Sure to Bring a Box

You can purchase a box at any nearby wine store or visit a shipping store to procure a wine carrier. You may not think you will need this, but it’s a good idea to go through with it anyway. The last thing you want is bottles of wine hanging out in the trunk, rattling or potentially breaking. Keeping the wine properly secured will ensure it makes it home with you, so you can enjoy it after your trip is over. This is even more important if you are traveling by airplane home.

Have a Designated Driver or Chauffer

Even if you think you won’t drink much wine and will be okay driving on your own, even small sips add up over the course of a visit. If you’re showing up early, you may also not be accustomed to drinking that early. It can easily catch up with you. Having a driver will ensure you can enjoy your time without any extra worries. It might add a bit to your expenses, but you will find that it is worth it.

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