What Does an Audiologist in Naperville Do?

What Does an Audiologist in Naperville Do?

Finding the right medical professional to deal with your problems requires an understanding of what various specialists can do. If you’re suffering from issues related to your hearing, an audiologist in Naperville can be the right solution. The following are some of the tasks an audiologist may complete.

Hearing Tests

One of the primary roles of an audiologist in Naperville is to conduct hearing tests. They may use various pieces of equipment to test a patient’s hearing and determine the level of hearing loss overall, along with variations between sides. In addition to evaluating the extent of hearing loss, they can also often determine the cause of the condition to assist in finding the best treatment options.

Providing Treatment Options

Once an audiologist in Naperville has determined the extent and cause of the patient’s hearing loss, they can often provide the treatments required to help their patients hear better. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as removing built-up wax from the ears. However, an audiologist can also fit a patient for hearing aids or work closely with a surgeon if cochlear implants are the best treatment.

Counseling Patients

In addition to providing physical treatments for hearing loss, an audiologist in Naperville often serves as a counselor for patients. Dealing with hearing loss can be mentally draining, making it essential to educate patients on the best ways to handle their condition. An audiologist can give individuals tips for helping them understand conversations more effectively and teach skills like lip reading and technology use.

If you think you could benefit from seeing an audiologist in Naperville, contact the Hearing Specialists of DuPage to schedule an appointment.

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