The Top Benefits of Getting Root Canal Treatment in Salem OR

A root canal may be recommended if your tooth is severely damaged. It is recommended as a last resort to same the tooth. Many people are nervous about getting a root canal. However, there is nothing to worry about. There are several benefits that you can reap by getting root canal treatment in Salem, OR.

Prevent the Infection From Spreading

If the infected tooth is not treated, then the infection will spread to your other teeth. A root canal will prevent the infection from spreading. There won’t be any bacteria to spread.

Save Your Teeth

The main purpose of a root canal is to save your natural tooth. Many people believe that it is best to have a tooth extracted. However, it is best to save the natural tooth if possible.

You will have a gap in your mouth if you have a tooth pulled. Your other teeth will also shift. However, if you get a root canal, then your tooth will function normally. If you want to know more about us and root canal treatment in Salem, OR, and why it is better than extracting a tooth, then you can call us.


One of the reasons that many people are afraid of getting a root canal is because they think it will hurt a lot. However, a root canal is not painful. You are given local anesthesia prior to the procedure.

If you want to get a root canal treatment in Salem, OR, and want to find out about us, then you can contact Shoreview Dental.

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